There is plenty of info out there for your parents...

This is just for you.


Teens come to therapy for a lot of different reasons. Sometimes your parents strongly encourage it. Sometimes you seek it out on your own. Either way, I am glad you are here!

It can be nerve-wracking to sit in a room with a complete stranger and talk to them about your life. So let's get some of the awkwardness out of the way before you even show up!

many of my clients find It helpful to have some one to talk to who is not a parent, friend, or teacher. 

I was a teen like you not too long ago. I am young enough to remember what it is like, but old enough that your parents trust that I know what I am doing.

everyone is welcome and safe in my office.

Being in my office should be enjoyable for you! so there is always music playing, art supplies, and games. On occasion, one of my two wanna-be therapy dogs accompanies me to the office.

Here is how our very first meeting might go:  

I will tell you a little bit about me, what therapy is and how it can be helpful, and then ask you some questions about yourself.

We might identify some potential goals and topics-for-discussion that feel important to you. 

then, i will ask you to go home and think about if I might be somebody you feel comfortable with.

I am looking forward to meeting you! check out this page