I grew up in the hill country of Texas and to this day find great restoration in nature. Daily, I aim to find balance of mind, body, and spirit- some days it is easier than others. I am a home cook; novice yogi; dog treat dispenser; and an avid fan of the arts, travel, and live music in small venues. 


Southwestern University - Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, minor in Sociology 2009

St. Edward's University - Master of Arts in Counseling 2013


LMFT License No. 202309

As a Texas Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I specialize in working with teenagers and their families. Clients find me most helpful when engaged in a long-term therapeutic relationship to support them through their middle school and high school years. For established clients, I offer family work where I act as a bridge- helping foster understanding, connection, and healing.

The therapeutic relationship gives us the opportunity to explore and engage with dynamics that may be showing up in your every day life. Together we will work to support a deeper understanding of your feelings and needs, practice communication and self-advocacy, and strengthen your connection with your circles.

Teens I work with appreciate my attunement, humor, real-talk, and sensitivity. I work intuitively rather than from a script. I make mistakes and then repair.

Parents I work with appreciate the use of boundaries, effective communication modeling, and my ability to hear and support them as well as their teenager. In family work, we slow things down and learn new ways of communicating and engaging…and we laugh a little.

My work is rooted in empirically supported methods and theory and supported by creative, heart-led techniques. I view health through a holistic lens and incorporate alternative methods such as art, guided imagery exercises and meditation, somatic practices, breathwork, and movement. Often, I supplement my clinical work with encouragement to explore the resources our community is so rich in.




  • The Adolescent Brain and Emotion Regulation (DBT)

Lindsay started working with my family when she was still in college getting her Masters degree at St. Edward’s. Though she was young, her spirit held the wisdom of someone far beyond her years. Lindsay’s work with my daughter was nothing short of miraculous. My child went from someone with multiple psychological issues who needed intense mental therapy to a person who has learned to manage her illness and is developing into a psychologically stable young adult. I can’t thank Lindsay enough for being a part of her salvation from the throes of mental illness.
— happy client
We are fortunate to have found Ms. Lindsay when she was working in our daughter’s middle school. My daughter loves talking to her. Ms. Lindsay has been an invaluable resource as my kids navigate the complicated and emotional journey of adolescence.
— happy client