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GARDENING FOR GROWTH is an 8-week transformative horticulture program for male-identifying folks aged 12-14. Groups will be running every Saturday between September 28th & November 16th from 9:30 am-11 am.

Commitment to all 8 sessions is asked for as every week will build on the last.

Why horticulture….

For many of us, a life without technology may seem prehistoric and much of social connection and sense of belonging can come from the use of devices. Technology is a wonderful thing, but our attachment to it can often be unhealthy!

It has become clear in my work with teens and adults that tech has negatively impacted the desire and ability to connect with others in a real and authentic way. It is often a coping mechanism for the many challenges that we face, but particularly for adolescents as they transition into young adults. 

Through working with the soil and connecting with nature, your teen will have the opportunity to explore their own relationship to the environment and to themselves. Teens will build confidence, self-esteem and awareness whilst learning to grow  DELICIOUS organic produce!


  • $499 for 8-week commitment, includes a free 30-minute consultation to assess eligibility and need

  • Sunshine Community Gardens

  • Saturdays 9:30 - 11:00am

  • September 28 - November 16

*Please note, this is a ‘hands-on’ experiential group which will involve some physical exertion and will solely take place outside in a community garden. Please be sure to read the waiver that accompanies your initial paperwork.