Sometimes you are just need a little extra support, no shame in that! Your job as parents is intense!

Parent Coaching can look like: someone to cheer you on, highlight your strengths, and give you a gold star when you are rocking it; someone to offer a different perspective based on research and relationship; someone to turn to when things are challenging.

All Austin Teen Therapy therapists work from research based parent coaching models. Some of our favorites are Positive Discipline and the work of Dr. Lisa Damour.


Austin Teen Therapy is proud to partner with sexuality+gender expert Ryan Dillon, LPC.

Ryan is a psychotherapist licensed in the state of Texas offering non-therapeutic, psychoeducational parent coaching services. Ryan has extensive experience working with teens and their families as a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and Sex Educator. Ryan’s specialties include gender, sexuality, family conflicts, and sex education.

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