As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I specialize in working with teenagers in the Austin, Texas area. I thrive in building relationships with clients that serve as a space for insight, growth, and transformation. Clients find me most helpful when engaged in a long-term therapeutic relationship to support them through their middle school and high school years. For established clients, I offer family work where I act as a bridge- helping foster understanding, connection, and healing.


Lindsay Camp, LMFT created Austin Teen Therapy, PLLC in the summer of 2014 to serve Austin area teens and their families through individual therapy for teenagers, parent coaching, and family therapy.

At Austin Teen Therapy, all are welcome 🏳️‍🌈 Our mission is to create a safe space through connection, boundaries, and mindfulness.


Austin Teen Therapy is proud to welcome Sam Robinson, LMSW! Read more about Sam and his passion for working with teens and young adults!

Lindsay started working with my family when she was still in college getting her Masters degree at St. Edward’s. Though she was young, her spirit held the wisdom of someone far beyond her years. Lindsay’s work with my daughter was nothing short of miraculous. My child went from someone with multiple psychological issues who needed intense mental therapy to a person who has learned to manage her illness and is developing into a psychologically stable young adult. I can’t thank Lindsay enough for being a part of her salvation from the throes of mental illness.
— happy client

We are fortunate to have found Ms. Lindsay when she was working in our daughter’s middle school. My daughter loves talking to her. Ms. Lindsay has been an invaluable resource as my kids navigate the complicated and emotional journey of adolescence.
— happy client

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